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3D Model Converter

The Layar3D Model Converter tool is used to convert models in the Wavefront (.obj/.mtl) format to Layar3D (.l3d) that can be used in the Layar app. The converter is written in Java and can be run on any system with the latest Java runtime (v6.0 and above), including Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Main Features   


Download the latest Layar 3D Model Converter package

To start the Model Converter, 

Command line version

To support conversion of 3D models in an automated way, a command line version of the Layar3D Model Converter is also available and can be found under the Extra folder in the same package. 

This can be invoked in the following way:

java -jar Layar3DModelConverter.jar [options] <inputfile.obj>

You are free to integrate this command line converter in your batch scripts. 

Build Layar3D model on the fly

It is also possible to create Layar3D model on the fly in layar client. One use case is that you provide a map on the grid and generate the map while an user is walking. In case you want to use this feature, please contact us for the Layar3D file structure documentation. One way to do this is to use the command line version of the Layar3D model converter.

Please check the Release History  to see what's new in this latest version of the model converter.