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Blender add-on

The Layar Blender add-on enables you to export individual 3D models to the Layar 3D (.l3d) file format, as well as entire scenes to a combination of Layar JSON and resource files (.l3d files and images). While we have used the addon internally for several use cases, it should still be considered experimental.


The Layar addon v0.5.0 has only been tested on Blender 2.7.0, and we have thus set this as the minimal version. Please download the latest version from

You can download the latest Layar 3D blender add-on here

To install the add-on:

Getting started 

After downloading and installing the add-on you can create and export your .l3d contend. To help you get started we have created a step by step tutorial. Note that you need to have basic knowledge of blender in order to use it. 

In the tutorial you can find how to: