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Layar Platform Overview

The architecture of Layar platform basically has 5 components:

The interfaces that are exposed to third parties are:

How does it work ?

A general flow of using the layar platform is:

  1. A User launches Layar Reality Browser on a supported mobile device.
  2. Layar Client will send a request to the Layar Server.
  3. Based on the request, the Layar Server will retrieve layer definitions from the publishing website
  4. A list of retrieved layers will be sent by the Layar Server and displayed on the Layar Client
  5. The User launches a layer from this list
  6. A getPOIs request is sent to the Layar Server.
  7. The Layar Server forwards the Layer Service Provider of that layer.
  8. The layer Service Provider returns AR content based on the Developer API (getPOIs response) back to the Layar Server.
  9. The Layar Server validates the getPOIs response and sends it back to the Layar Client.
  10. The Layar Client displays the getPOIs response nicely to the User.