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Point Of Interest, object unit in "hotspots" defined in Developer API. A POI can be used to represent a physical geographical location(Geo POI) or an augment attached to a target object (Vision POI). 

Layar Reality Browser

The client application that can be downloaded on supported smart mobile phones running Android, iOS and Symbian. 

Layer Gallery

The navigation screens on the Layar Reality Browser allowing users to search and view available layers.

AR View

The augmented reality view on the layar client, with returned POIs superimposed on the camera view.

Map View

Returned POIs can be shown on the map view on the layar client.


Brief Information Widget, a UI element on the layar client which displays some information related to a POI. The BIW information is defined in "hotspots" object in GetPOIs response.


Circular Information Widget, a group of icon set that can be used to represent a POI on the layar client. CIW can be defined under "Look & feel" on the publishing site.


The Android binary file for the Layar Reality Browser.


A page is the file uploaded by a developer for analysis so that the object depicted in the file can become a target object; thereby, enabling target tracking of said object.