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Publishing Site

What is Layar Publishing site ?

The Layar Publishing Site is the place where the whole life cycle of layer management is handled, from layer creation to publication.

In general, the following activities are provided on the Layar publishing site:

1. Layer management life cycle

2. Layer insights

3. Troubleshooting

Site Map

In this section, we will demonstrate how the Layar publishing site looks like.

After logging into layar website ( with layar account (developer role enabled),  click on "My layers" from the drop down menu to open the layar publishing site (see screenshot below). If your account has not yet the developer role enabled please sign up here


1. Layer management life cycle 

 1. To create a layer simple select the New layer icon:


2. To publish a layer, roll over the campaign icon and select publish:


3. To delete or unpublish a layer, roll over the trash icon:

2. Layer edit tab 

 1. Geo layers 

In total, there are 6 tabs: 

2.Vision layers

In total, there are 5 tabs: 

3. Test tab

The API test tab helps test the request/response from your web service and see the Layar server's logs to track down any issues. Detailed information on how to test your layers can be found here

4. Logs tab

This tab displays the error logs and the change logs for the layer