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best practices for creating cool layers

In order to provide end users fancier user experience, we have prepared this best practices for creating cool layers. 


We strongly recommend to create a layer which provides a 'unique user experience'. This can be either through augmenting the user's reality with cool 3D objects, like mazes or art. Through interesting POI actions, like videos. Or just through the content itself, if your layer provides information which is special or not commonly available. A combination of all three is best of course :)

Detail Description

If you want to make your layer a bestseller it is of great importance that you make an attractive Detail Description. The Detail Description is what sells your layer. It is the place where you can explain to the users why your layer is cool. The Detail Description can be written as plain text or in HTML. We strongly recommend to use HTML, so that you can give your Detail Description an appealing 'look and feel'.

A good Detail Description contains a clear description of:

For example "Show location of railway stations and realtime train departure times", "Cultural heritage guide", "A mind blowing game experience"

For example "Amsterdam", "New York state", "The Alps", "Santa Barbara University Campus", "All over the world"

For example "over 1.000 POIs", "1 POI per city"

For example "For each POI you will see the price of the house and the surface of the house"

For example "For each POI we provide the telephone nr of the broker, a 1-minute video of the interior of the house for sale and a webpage with details of the house"

For example "Any Beatles fan", "Anyone interested in the history of Amsterdam", "French food lovers".

If relevant please state for which period of time your layer can be used.

For example "This layer can only be used at the Interational Music Festival, 12-18 May 2010."

For example "New POIs can added by the user", "POIs can be rated by the user", "Additional info can be found on our website"

Inform the user of who they can contact in case of questions or issues.

In the next release of Layar the publisher's email address and name will be automatically displayed.

Upload a nice screenshot of your layer


All icons/images used should be of good quality.


The more actions the better.

** A good example of a nice layer: **

The "Spot Crime" layer, available in the US, is a great example of a paid layer. The content is not commonly available and has a high location based relevance. The user experience is made even better through the different types of icons used. The Detail Description clearly explains what users can expect from this layer: Location of the POIs, types of POIs, relevance of POIs, extra information provided for each POI.

Detail Description SpotCrime

"Covering over 300 of the largest US cities, SpotCrime will display recent crime activity around your current location. Crimes incidents are displayed on the Layar interface with icons representing different types of crimes including shooting, robbery, assault, theft, burglary, arson and vandalism. Below the AR view, crime details are provided. Users can identify high crime areas in the cities they are traveling, and get specific details of the crime events by clicking on the icons."