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Here we provide a list of tutorials regarding layer creation. Each tutorial is going to explain how to implement a specific feature. The idea is to help developers get started with developing their own layers faster. You can download the sample code to give it a try.

Before we dive into the code, the following presentation will give you a good overview on what kind of features are supported on the Layar platform.

Please NOTE that these tutorials only demonstrate how Layar developer API can be used. The sample code is provided as an example. If you want to develop layers with more advanced functionality and robust performance, please contact experienced layer developers.

Other external tutorials and third party tools are available as well. Please visit Third Party Tools and Tutorials for detailed information. 

Some background information

Getting the POIs from a database:

If you have any technical question or remark while developing a layer, please visit our Layar Developer Support Environment, the layar developer community is there to help you out!