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The Layar Connect API is the enterprise product available on Layar development platform. It allows programmatically reading and writing of layer data. This means a third party software package such as a Layer Management System can remotely create and update layers, without having to scrape the current publishing website. All operations performed on the publishing site can be achieved using the Connect API. Layar Connect makes it very easy to create and manage lots of layers at the same time. 

For whom is the Layar Connect API ? 

Layar Connect API is suitable for developers who want to build up a system to be able to manage lots of layers programmatically. It requires good web development technical skills. If you just want to try out layar API and create a few layers, please visit the API & Platform section.

Here are the 3 steps…

  1. connect_api_key_sandboxRequest access to the Connect API 
  2. build_lmsBuild your Layer Management System using the Connect API
  3. test_lmsTest your Layer Management System thoroughly

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Latest Updates

Updated the process of requesting access to the Connect API. The new pricing is available for the Connect API. 

A brand new documentation site for layer developers. The aim is to help developers quickly and easily find technical documentation on layer creation.