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The Layar SDK is a static library that implements the Layar Vision functionality  and Geo location functionality of Layar into your own iPhone and/or Android app and presents the Augmented Reality view to the user. The biggest advantage of this solution is that publishers/developers can offer the engagement of interactive print to yours users within the context of your brand. Instead of instructing users to download the Layar App, you can bring the interactivity of Layar directly to your app without the need to code it all yourself.

The Layar SDK is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be used to present:

The Layar SDK is NOT free of charge. You will get 30 days trial period to play with the SDK before proceeding with the purchase. During this trial period, you can use the SDK without limitation. The key will expire after 30 days if no purchase is arranged with Layar. This means all of your content will not be visible in the SDK anymore. 

Download the Layar SDK package! 

Please NOTE that you are expected to have good android and/or iphone app development skills in order to adopt Layar SDK. For technical questions regarding integrating the Layar SDK, please check out our devsupport page.

Here are the 4 steps ...

  1. request_accessUnderstand the usage and pricing scheme of Layar SDK
  2. request_accessRequest access to Layar SDK. Our Business Development team will evaluate your request and provide you with the access.
  3. create_a_vision_layerCreate and publish a Pro campaign in the Creator or a vision/geo layer using Layar Developer API
  4. integrate_playerIntegrate the Layar SDK into your own APP and publish it on the Android and/or iOS app stores.

Latest Updates

New SDK release version 8.4.4

Added instructions for integrating Android SDK with Android Studio

Added a tutorial on how to use the PhoneGap Plugin