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Geo Layer Atlas, 5. 12. 2011

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Atlas, 5. 12. 2011

Layer ID: atlas
by ArtNetLab

Exhibition: Venice, Kassel, Zagreb, Ljubljana.

Authors/Avtorji: Narvika Bovcon & Aleš Vaupotič, Eva Lučka Kozak, Gorazd Krnc, Dominik Mahnič, Vanja Mervič, Tilen Žbona. --- ”One only makes a photo to make a photo, and if you're lucky, you will discover it later for a painting.” Thus reads the inscription on the cover of Gerhard Richter's Atlas. The unresolved split in the heart of historical avant-garde movements is on the rise for the third time. The suspicion towards the meaning of the image – “... a photo” – and the rejection of the senselessness – “... if you're lucky” – is elaborated in the archive as an artistic medium. The atlas consists of art projects conceived in the same context – time, space, at the joint meetings – but also independently from one another, each left to its author to “breath life” into it. Right now!
/ „Fotografiraš, da bi dobil fotografijo, in če imaš srečo, jo boš
kasneje odkril za sliko,“ zapiše na platnice Atlasa Gerhard Richter.
Nerazrešeni razcep v srcu historičnih avantgard je že tretjič na
pohodu. Dvom o smislu podobe – „… fotografijo“ – in nesprejemanje
nesmisla – „… če imaš srečo“ – tematizira arhiv v vlogi umetniškega
medija. V atlasu so zbrani umetniški projekti, zasnovani v istem
kontekstu – času, prostoru, ob osebnih srečevanjih – pa vendar ločeni,
vsak prepuščen posameznemu avtorju, da ga „oživi“. Prav zdaj!

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