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Geo Layer Biomer Skelters

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Biomer Skelters

Layer ID: biomerskelters
by Will Pappenheimer and Tamiko Thiel

“Biomer Skelters” is a biosensor based growth propagator

For "Turning FACT Inside Out," the 10 year anniversary of the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology in Liverpool, UK, June 13- August 25, 2013-----"Biomer Skelters" (“biome” + “helter-skelter“) is a crowd sourced, wild growth forest-to-rainforest propagator that connects interior biorhythms to exterior ecosystems. FACT participants will be outfitted with a mobile heart rate monitor system to become Biomer Skelters propagators. As they walk the streets of Liverpool and enter a relaxed mind-body state, the generative biosensing system reads their heart rate and automatically generates and plants augmented reality (AR) vegetation in their wake. Which kind of vegetation will they spread, native reforestation from the County of Merseyside or invasive exotic species representing accelerated global warming biome change? As participants in a collective artwork, Biomer Skelters propagators will determine the canvas of the city and which form of vegetation dominates. The work draws its inspiration from the botanical history of Liverpool, vibrant local garden and forest conservation efforts and questions about predicted global climates in the not so distant future. Exotic species will be materialized in AR courtesy of World Museum Liverpool’s William Roscoe botanical print collection.

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