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Made in Brainport

Layer ID: brainport
by Capital D, Design Cooperation Brainport


Zuzanna Skalska (VanBerlo design), curator of the fifth Made in Brainport exhibition, designed a new Brainport presentation based on the urban legend ‘Six degrees of Separation’. The top sectors in Brainport are: Hightech materials, Food, Automotive, Home, Care and Energy.

These six top sectors are connected through the themes of Farming, Wellbeing, Technology, Environment, Craft and Local. These themes are divided into rational and emotional zones, which are illustrated by products, samples, movies and interactive technology that represent design companies, manufacturers, suppliers, brands, technology centres and education in Brainport.
Care and Energy.

The Brainport Eindhoven Region has been the industrial centre of Holland for a long time.

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