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Geo Layer PeRSoN.NeL

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To open this layer, scan the QR code below using any AR-link compatible browser, such as Layar, Wikitude or Junaio.

Or manually open this link: ar://

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Layer ID: estamp
by VIRVIE | realizing la vie virtuelle

Your virtual decoration. Min-e-art to take along.

Be a Person Of Interest!

Make a statement, make a mark, decorate yourself with min-e-art that tells you apart.
Show off your choice (it literally moves along with you, anywhere in the world as long as this layer is open) and see all nearby others that decorated themselves through this layer as well.

For more information see also

(P.S. Your own min-e-art is permanently positioned North of your location, so it's always there to enjoy.
You can change your selection in the detail view.)

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