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Geo Layer FV: Multiplicities

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FV: Multiplicities

Layer ID: fracturedvisjk88
by Tamiko Thiel

Commissioned by the AXNS Collective

"Fractured Visions: Multiplicities" is an artwork inspired by the visual perceptual disorder palinopsia - polyopia.

An Augmented Reality installation by artist Tamiko Thiel, it was created in collaboration with psychiatrist Dr. Dominic ffytche from the King's College London Institute of Psychiatry. It was commissioned by the AXNS Collective and premiered as part of the Merge Festival London on King's College Guy's Campus, at the foot of The Shard near London Bridge.

A symptom of neurological dysfunction, palinopsia causes images to repeat and perseverate across the visual field. Accompanying the installation, is an digital catalogue, and on-line film and blog.

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