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Geo Layer Historic Places NZ

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Historic Places NZ

Layer ID: historicplacesnz
by Jonathan Hall

Historic Places, Sites and Maori Pa Locations - NZ wide

This Layar contains 4 data sets <Updated with Memorials Register - July 2011> 

  • NZ Memorials Register 

  • Historic Places

  • Historic Sites

  • Maori Pa's 

Memorials Register

At this stage it mainly includes civic First World War memorials and memorials from the New Zealand Wars and South African War. There are plans to add memorials from non-military commemorations (e.g. centennial memorials) in the future. Thanks to NZ History Online for the data

Historic Places

Registered Historic Places geocoded by address, legal description, locality or by eye. Much improved on the historic points from the topographic map dataset, or the source website which only lists by name and general region. Data set on Koordinates

Historic Sites

Historical site; a place where some historic activity has been conducted, or where some historic object is located. Data set on Koordinates. Minimal Data set Available

Maori Pa's 

Defensive earthworks constructed by Maori at any time between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries which were still visible as a topographical object at the time the first edition of the map was published. Data set on Koordinates. Minimal Data set Available


From the Historic Places Trust Web site 

For the full Register, as well as information on current proposals, registrations under investigation, interim registrations, heritage covenants and heritage orders you can view hard copies of the Register at your nearest office the New Zealand Historic Places Trust or your local city or district council office.

If this is inconvenient, or if you review the Register regularly, you may wish to purchase a copy of the Register. Contact the Registrar for more details.

For further information on the Layar contact



Historic places, historic sites and Maori Pa's data was sourced from and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand

Historic Places are geocoded by address, legal description or locality.

Link to the Historic Places Trust website by RegID

Accuracy codes indicate the geocoding method:

  • NZMG Supplied by NZHPT address Geocoded to the parsed address

  • city To the nearest city or town eye Matched by eye after a search

  • suburb To the nearest suburb.

All images remain copyright of the owners as specified in the register

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