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Geo Layer Occupation Forces

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Occupation Forces

Layer ID: occupationforces
by mark skwarek

Occupation Forces is an occupation by alien invaders.

Experience the occupation of Boston’s Greenway Park by virtual alien invaders. Occupation Forces is an augmented reality art project that allows the public to experience the invasion of the public space around them by aliens. These invaders can only be seen with the use of a smart phone, equipping with a special alien detection app. Otherwise, the invasion takes place undetected by an unsuspecting population. The project mixes alien invasion mythology with a cartoon-like, kid robot esthetic. As users cross the length of the Greenway Park they will encounter the invaders at multiple locations. They will witness the occupation intensify as they near the center of the park and the aliens interact with other park users, attempting to control foot traffic. Viewers experience an unfolding narrative through time and space, transforming daily real-world existence into something visually stunning and otherworldly. The project encourages people to explore the urban environment of the Greenway, letting them see the world like they never have before.

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