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Tiananman SquARed

Layer ID: tsquare
by 4Gentlemen

A virtual monument to democracy.

Although it has been more than twenty years since Tiananman Protest took place in 1989, the authority persistently uses all means erasing the facts that Chinese people pursued democracy in this democratic and anti-corruption movement. In China, nowadays, young people are not aware the courageous actions, such as Tank Man and erecting Goddess of Democracy facing the portrait of Mao on Tiananman Tower, emerged during student movement of 1989. Nonetheless, history should not be forgotten.

Information and communication technologies have inspired people to express their thoughts freely. We as artists, taking advantages of the development of mobile phone technology and smartphone applications, have revived the history of 1989 Tiananman Protest that has tremendous implications waiting for further examinations by our contemporaries.

Deploying Augmented Reality technology, we have created virtual Goddess of Democracy and Tank Man, and installed those monumental icons on the physical sites where the real incidents took place. Any visitor, domestic or from abroad, can find the virtual monuments on Tiananmen Square and nearby East Chang'an Street with an iPhone or Android mobile device.

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