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Geo Layer wall buildAR

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wall buildAR

Layer ID: wallbuildar
by mark skwarek

Wall BuildAR is the world's best in AR Cyber-Defense.

The Wall BuildAR Corporation® is the world's first global augmented reality [AR] + cyber-defense contractor. The services range from government, military, cooperate, as well as private home AR security.
The Wall BuildAR Corporation® creates the countermeasures of tomorrow to defend against the unseen enemies of today. With the advent of every new technology there are always some entities will attempt to exploit it's weaknesses. These advances in AR have created serious security risks for cooperation's, nations states, and the general public. The Wall BuildAR Corporation Global® was created to defend against this rapidly growing threat.

The Wall BuildAR Corporation® allows a wide range of users to stay one step ahead of the subversives creating unauthorized, illegal augmented reality [AR] as well as and undesirables groups.

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