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Geo Layer Woomba Mania

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Woomba Mania

Layer ID: woombamania
by Superimpose / Hoppala

Help Senor Zambarino catch the escaped Woombas

body { background-color: #feef0e; border: 0; margin: 0; font-family: Verdana, sans serif } * { color: #555 } p { padding: 0 1em } h1 { padding: 0 1em; color: #FF5D00; font-size: 120% } ol li { padding: 0.2em 1em 0.2em 0 } Whilst on a journey through the desert, the Woombas - the main attraction of Senor Zambarinos traveling circus - managed to escape!
El Grande Zambarino desperatly needs your help. In his indescribable generosity he'll pay you muchos pesos for catching his Woombas again.The Rules

  1. Look for Woombas around you and catch as many as you can.
  2. Look out for rare Woombas, they are worth more then the regular ones.
  3. Avoid the Chookies, they are after your pesos.
  4. Try your luck with the Ghosts, but they only appear from dusk till down.
  5. Enter your name to compare your highscore with other players around the globe.
WoombasChookiesThe Chookies are greedy little desert demons who can take any shape they want. Disguised as Woombas they try to steal your pesos! When you mistakenly touch them they’ll take you as many pesos as you would get for catching a Woomba of the same colour. The only way to distinguish disguised Chookies from the real Woombas is by their black faces.GhostsBetween dusk and dawn Woombas might turn into Ghost - and so might Chookies! You can catch them but you're never sure what’s in for you.
AboutWoomba Mania is a coproduction ofChristian MeinhardtCreative Directorwww.superimpose.eucm@superimpose.euApollinarisstraße 1840227 DüsseldorfGermany
Dipl.-Math. Marc René GardeyaFounder and CEOwww.hoppala.euinfo@hoppala.euHauffstraße 1071696 MöglingenGermany

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