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Press release: Layar Opens Up Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform

Redactie July 8, 2009

AMSTERDAM, JULY 8TH 2009. Layar, the mobile augmented reality browser, which was launched the 17th of June, will open up its platform for developers. This month Layar will provide 50 developer keys to interested companies across the globe. With a key it will be possible to create and publish digital layers within the Layar mobile application. Any database with location coordinates can be transformed into an augmented reality layer.

First 50 keys
Starting today companies and organizations can apply for a developer key via and fill in the request form. Layar will provide tools such as API documentation, publication process and a test environment for new layers. To begin with 50 keys will be handed out, with more keys being released in the future.

Development opportunities with Layar
The Layar API gives developers the opportunity to completely customize the look and feel of their own augmented reality layer, which may include: branding possibilities such as color scheme and custom icons for the layer, exposing the database with Points of Interest (POIs), custom indicators for various types of POI and assigning custom actions to each POI (go to mobile URL, call number, make route, etc).

Raimo van der Klein: “Already days after the launch we saw that we needed to open up Layar for developers. We believe this is the only way to bring all the creativity and ideas which are out there to the Layar platform. We can’t wait to see what people will do with Layar.”

Claire Boonstra: “This is a unique opportunity for brands to be present and accessible in a contextually relevant manner: in the reality of the people they want to reach. The only things needed are a good idea, a database with location coordinates and a developer key.”

Layar Developer Day
On August 17th, Layar will organize a Developer Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During this event the development opportunities of the platform and the global release schedule will be shared and more information about the product roadmap will be revealed.
Register for Developer Day updates via

About Layar:
Layar is a mobile augmented reality browser, developed by the Amsterdam-based company SPRXmobile. It displays real time digital information on top of reality in the camera screen of your the mobile phone. Layar was first released on June 17th 2009 in the Netherlands for Android phones. A version for the iPhone 3GS will be released end of summer; any other mobile phone with a GPS and compass will be considered.

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Make your own Layar screen shot with the Dreamcatcher

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald July 8, 2009

layar_dreamcatcher_keynote09_template003 We have seen so many great ideas for Layar content that we searched for a way to give people the opportunity to express their own Layar ideas. We present to you the Dreamcatcher. With the Dreamcatcher you can now make your own Layar screen shots. So stop what you are doing and show us what you would like to see in the screen of your phone.

Get started with the Dreamcatcher

  1. It is easy, either use the Powerpoint template or two image assets provided below to make your screen shot.

  2. Publish your ideas on flickr, your website or blog and share them in the comments of this post.

We are looking forward to see your creativity! Go crazy!

  • Layar Powerpoint Template

  • Layar Image Assets:
    Download the image files by clicking on the images and selecting [save as].

    In your favorite editing program you can use these files. Use the example at the top of this post as a guide.

    First find a good background image and open it. Place the phone image on top of the background image. Make a copy of the background image and size and crop it so it fits ‘in’ the phone and is a bit smaller.Place the Layar interface image on top of the previous images. Add Logo and title in the title bar. Add PIO text in the white image area on the bottom. If possible change the brown colors to your own style.


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