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You are invited to the Layar NEXT Event in Amsterdam

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald July 29, 2009

What is NEXT for Layar? That’s the question we will answer at the NEXT Event on August 17 and 18th.

*** UPDATE: Bruce Sterling to speak at Layar NEXT event

layar_next_eventIt’s been an amazing ride the last month and a half. The global press coverage was incredible and the number of views of our video went through the roof with 330.000 and counting. We’ve also received lots of requests from people asking how they could participate and add on the Layar platform which led us to open up the API. We are ready now for the NEXT step. Are you?

It’s an international event:
- For those who believe the future of mobile lies in the combination of the digital world and reality.
- For those who believe in the potential of Augmented Reality.
- For those who want to do something in this space.
It’s an event to share what is NEXT for Layar and connect with developers, brands, agencies, consultants, content services and press from all over the world. You are all invited.

The event has two parts:

The NEXT EVENT, on Monday afternoon
On Monday afternoon August 17th we’ll have the main Layar NEXT event from 15:00 till 17:00. We’ll talk new features, new content layers, developer partners, the international roll out plan and more. Including a keynote (more details soon) and closing with a “borrel” (Dutch for mixer). This is open to all, be quick to ensure your seat! The event will take place at the Rode Hoed in downtown Amsterdam (near the parking garage “de Kolk”). Register for free at the Layar NEXT event Meetup and fill in your RSVP.

The NEXT WORKSHOPS, on Tuesday morning
On Tuesday August 18th, between 9.00 and 13.00 we will have workshops aimed at those who are interested in working with the API or those who are working with it already. Covering topics such as “best practices for building layers”, “feature requests and improvements” and “how to make money with developing layers”.

The workshops have an open format. Vision and plans will be shared, thoughts and ideas will be discussed. Fill your toolbox and get inspired! The workshop location is close to Central Station at Rietlandpark 301 in Amsterdam and has easy parking possibilities. Register at the Layar NEXT Workshop Meetup and fill in your RSVP. We only have room for 50 participants so make sure you don’t miss out. Thanks for JWT International for supporting us with the venue.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Raimo, Maarten and Claire

Photo by Mobile Monday Amsterdam / Thomas van Ardenne


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