Bruce Sterling to speak at Layar NEXT event

Rhymo August 4, 2009

On the 17th of August at the Layar NEXT event in De Rode Hoed the Netherlands the world famous Science Fiction author Bruce Sterling will share his view on the technology we currently call Augmented Reality (What a terrible name). We are sooo looking forward to this and are extremely happy that he will attend.

Bruce Sterling:
Blog: Wired (beyond the beyond)
Books: Amazon list

If you don’t want to miss this make sure you register here for the first Layar NEXT event. Seats are starting to become scarce.

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  1. Love what I am reading here. But I agree that "augmented reality" is a terrible category. First, it is incorrect -- our intelligence is augmented, not reality. Second it fails to speak to the customer. Who is your customer: reality or the consumer? These are marketing basics; I trust you will get it right. In the meantime, rock on.

  2. Cool, but, imho, Augmented Reality is a great name.
    It describes exactly what we are doing, but also leads to many possibly abbreviation options.

    The ideas of future augmented reality networks, for example, abbreviate nicely to "Arn".

    I can imagine browseing "the arn" or "arns" the same way as one browses "the web" today.

    Then theres potential future games
    ...w(AR)craft anyone? ;)

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I look forward to using Layer a lot, whenever I upgrade my phone.

  3. Pepijn

    Lol @ w(AR)craft.

    Am working on plan for AR-chitecture, but w(AR)craft sounds like a lot more fun.

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