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Press Release: Layar Reality Browser Announces Global Launch and New Features in the Latest Release

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 17, 2009

Over 100 partners worldwide developing content layers including well known brands

AMSTERDAM, August 17th 2009. Layar, which was first launched in June 2009 in The Netherlands, announces that its second generation Reality Browser is now available globally on Android devices. Many new content layers are available in the Reality Browser which vary from Wikipedia, Twitter and Brightkite to local services like Yelp, Trulia, store locators, nearby bus stops, mobile coupons, Mazda dealers and tourist, nature and cultural guides.

Layar Reality Browser 2.0
To discover new content quickly and with ease, the new Reality Browser includes sections for ‘Featured’ and ‘Popular’. All layers are also accessible via a keyword search in the search function. Layers that are used often can be saved to ‘Favorites’. In addition to the enhanced augmented reality camera view, it is now possible to select Map or List view. For every Point of Interest (POI), several actions can be taken such as: linking to a mobile site for more information, playing a live location based trivia game, linking to a video or sound clip, clicking to call for reservations, and looking at a route description to the POI. Content partners can fully customize their layer to provide a distinctive experience for the user.

500 more developers
Over 100 developers worldwide have been given access to the Layar platform by means of an API key, and are currently developing layers.

Scott Halcomb of SystemK from Japan, who developed 22 layers including the ‘Sapporo Hotspots’ layer:
“With the Layar API and support of the developers community, creating layers has been a pleasure.”

Dave Elchoness of GoWeb3D from the USA/ India, with 11 layers published including FlickAR:
“We strongly believe that Layar represents the next evolution for mobile applications and feel privileged to participate.”

Michael Coutinho, Technical Manager at Trulia, USA:
“This is a great idea. I was able to develop our layer in about three hours.”

To further grow the community of developers, Layar has released an additional 500 new API keys. The supporting wiki (, with developer instructions and documentation, is now available.

Layar for all
Starting from today, Layar is available for everyone with an Android phone anywhere in the world. The Reality Browser can be downloaded in all local Android Markets and is pre-installed on the new Samsung Galaxy (i7500) in The Netherlands.

Dirk Groten, CTO:
“The next platform on which Layar will be available is the iPhone 3GS. We are currently investigating other platforms that support our functionalities.”

Raimo van der Klein, CEO:
“With the release of this Reality Browser we believe we have created a worldwide platform that will bring both fun and relevant Augmented Reality experiences in one application to a growing audience of users.”

The Layar Reality Browser displays real time digital information on top of reality in the camera screen of the mobile phone. While looking through the phone’s camera lens, a user can see houses for sale, popular bars and shops, tourist information of the area, play a live game, etcetera. Layar first launched on June 16th, 2009 and announced the opening up of its platform by means of an API on July 8th, 2009. The Layar platform serves as an enabler for mobile location services - any database with geo-location information can easily be turned in a content layer. The Layar Reality Browser is globally available for mobile phones running the Android operating system. Layar is a company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Contact Maarten Lens-FitzGerald at for press inquiries

All press material is on
View all new content layers here:
View all new functions here:
View all developer videos here:


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Layar 2.0 Functional Screens

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 17, 2009

View all functional (navigational) screens in this presentation.

Choose the web/HTML version by clicking the image below or download the PDF version.


An overview of the functional screens as direct downloads.

[gallery link=”file” columns=”2”]


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8 Layar 2.0 Videos

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 17, 2009

From Magazine to Mazda in 80 Seconds. Powered by the Layar Reality Browser.

Find the closest Mazda dealer by scanning a QR-code in a magazine ad. The link in the QR code starts up the Layar Reality Browser in the Mazda content layer. When you find the one you want, select more information, directions or simply call them with one click. A great example of how the Layar Reality Browser can be used in a relevant manner in traditional media.

Production: & DSRPT.COM, Music:, Agency: JWT International, Client:

Layar Man Episode 1

Layar in Japan, the series…. by, also see Episode 2 coming soon.

Why we love Developing our Brightkite Layar
Video: Brightkite

Brightkite on Layar

Video: Brightkite

Tweetmondo on Layar

Video by Tweetmondo

Developing the Stuttgart layer

Video and layer by

EyeTour Tourist Guide and Layar

Video of the tourist guide layer of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Video by EyeTour.

Real Estate Prices in France

Layer & video by


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Layar 2.0 Content Catalog

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald August 17, 2009

View all 87 layers that are now live (or almost) all over the world in the Layar 2.0 Content Catalog.

  • Real estate (7 layers)

  • Health care (2)

  • Transportation (9)

  • Tourism: Places to stay (3)

  • Tourism / Tours / Guides (14)

  • Leisure and entertainment (16)

  • Games (1)

  • Weather (1)

  • Retail (8)

  • University / Schools (5)

  • Local search & Directory service (4)

  • Social networks & communicties (12)

Click on the image for the HTML / web version. Or get the 28 mb PDF here.


Detailed list

Real estate:

  • Who Built (NL, later more)

  • Woonnet Rijnmond (NL)

  • Public Works (Japan)

  • Property Search (Ireland)

  • Wohnmap (Germany)

  • Trulia (US)

  • MeilleursAgents (France)

  • Funda (Netherlans)

Health care:

  • Hospitals (Japan)

  • AED locations (Japan)

  • Univé zorgvinder (NL)


  • Irish Rail stations (Ireland)

  • Nearby Bus Stops (Seattle, USA)

  • Transportation (Japan)

  • Roadways (Japan)

  • Railways (Japan)

  • Bus Stops (Japan)

  • Gasoline Stands (Japan)

  • Brussels Public Transport STIB/ MIVB (Belgium)

  • Cathay (Worldwide)

Tourism: Places to stay:

  • ANWB (Netherlans)

  • Lodging (Japan)

  • Greenbookings Hotels (Worldwide)

Tourism / Tours / Guides:

  • Sapporo Hot Spots (Japan)

  • Poetry In Motion (Paris and New York)

  • Muzar Art can Cultural Heritage (NL, potentially worldwide)

  • WorldWarI Guide (France)

  • Tourism (Japan)

  • ARwalk Art (Dusseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, London)

  • Santiago de Compostela pelgrium route guide (Santiago, Spain)

  • Las Torunos Natural Reserve (Cadiz, Spain)

  • Purdue University Arboretum (West Lafayette, Indiana, US)

  • Greece Tourist Guide (Greece)

  • Schatten van Brabant, stories & pictures of the past (Netherlands)

  • UitInBrabant, cultural events & locations (Netherlands)

  • Alles in Tilburg (Netherlans)

  • EyeTour Old San Juan, video guide (Puerto Rico)

Leisure and entertainment:

  • Ticket Channel (US, Europe, some parts of Asia)

  • Mr Movie (Netherlands)

  • IENS restaurant guide (Netherlands, only Samsung Galaxy)

  • Amsterdam House Scene history (Netherlands)

  • Leisure (Japan)

  • Entertainment (Japan)

  • Food & Drink (Japan)

  • Outdoors (Japan)

  • SoundWalk, cinematic mix of fiction and reality (Paris, Europe, New York, China, India)

  • Blank, the Graphic Novel (Worldwide)

  • OMGICU, celebrity spotting (NYC)

  • VooDoo Festival (New Orleans)

  • Eurosonic Festival (Groningen, Netherlands)

  • (Netherlands)

  • EAT (USA)



  • Reality Quiz (Worldwide potential)


  • Buienradar (rain radar) (Netherlands)


  • TNT post, letterbox locator (Netherlands)

  • Banks (Japan)

  • Convenience stores (Japan)

  • Shopping (Japan)

  • Post offices (Japan)

  • Bouygues Telecom shops (France)

  • 01Pages Mobile Coupons (Paris, France)

  • Mazda dealers (Netherlands)

  • Tempo Team (Netherlands)

  • ING (Netherlands)

University / Schools:

  • Purdue University Campus Tour (West Lafayette, Indiana, US)

  • University of Wisconsin Campus Map (USA)

  • Syrabuse University iSchool (USA)

  • Schools (Japan)

  • Hokkaido University (Japan)

Local search & Directory service:

  • Stuttgart Region Cluster (Germany)

  • Businesses (Japan)

  • Layar Local Search, Google (Worldwide)

  • iLocal, Samsung Search (Netherlands)

Social networks & communicties:

  • Layercake Mashup (custommade by GoWeb3D) (Worldwide)

  • Social ARgreggator (your social networks by GoWeb3D) (Worldwide)

  • Argo (send AR notes by GoWeb3D) (Worldwide)

  • RateMyArea (UK)

  • Qype (Germany, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland)

  • Ceener (Worldwide)

  • FlickAR photos (Worldwide)

  • Tweetmondo (Worldwide)

  • Wikipedia (Worldwide)

  • Yelp (US, Canada, UK, Ireland and more)

  • PagesJaunes restaurant guide (France)

  • Brightkite (Worldwide)

  • Hyves (Netherlands)


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