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Changes to publication site and new minor release of the developer APK

Dirk Groten October 8, 2009

Today we deployed a new version of the publishing site. Accompanying this change is version 2.1.1 of the developer APK. You need to install the new APK if you want to use some of the new features of the developer site. There is no change to the market version, as we’ll come with a new version with end-user features later on. Read on for the changes.

Changes to the publication site:

  • New navigation: Announcements are on the home page, you’ll find your developer ID/key has been moved to your profile

  • Deletion of test layers: You can now delete test layers. This removes your layer from the database irrevocably!

  • Freezing published layers: If you need to block access to your layer for any reason (e.g. maintenance, serious bug you want to fix), you can now freeze a layer. Users will not see your layer in any of the layer galleries, unless they have already marked it as ‘Favorite’. In the latter case, if they select the layer, they’ll get a message telling that the layer is ‘temporarily unavailable’.

Changes to the developer APK:

  • You need the new developer APK v2.1.1 in order to be able to view frozen layers with your developer ID/key. They don’t show up on the current application.

  • Application correctly handles intents to external applications in the POI actions. If the external application is present on the handset, it will be launched; otherwise a message is displayed to the user. Note that “http://” intents are not supported, these always start the web view.

  • Bug fix: Application won’t download images larger than 50 kB in the BIW to avoid out-of-memory crash.

  • Bug fix: Better checks for invalid JSON in responses to GetPointsOfInterest.

  • Bug fix: Country code United Kingdom is now the same as Great Britain in the developer settings.

Regarding support for external intents: Use this APK to test this functionality, but note that it hasn’t been released to the Market yet so it won’t work for published layers yet. Current users of Layar v2.1 will experience an error when launching an unknown action URL.

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