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Cool layers

Jaqueline Heijn October 23, 2009

Up until now 167 layers have been published worldwide. Below are five of our favorite layers:

Golf - Golf clubs and courses in the US (over 16.000) and the UK (over 2.000)
These layers also provide the number of holes, course type and satellite views of each golf course. So you can check out the course before driving there.
Developer: Howard Ogden,
Mobnotes - short for “mobile notes” - allows you to share your preferred places with your friends
A simple way of telling where you are and what you do, even with photos and videos. You can register for Mobnotes in Layar and directly start sharing your notes with the rest of the world. Mobnotes has 80.000 users so far.
Developer: Gino Micacchi,
Bankinter - Find Bankinter offices and ATM’s in Spain
Bankinter is the first bank in Spain to make a layer!
Developer: José Millares,
Peaks - Peaks in Switzerland and the rest of the world
This layer shows the name and the height of mountain peaks. The geo-data for the layer is taken from which is a public service that works in a wiki-like way. Everyone can easily add mountain names and heights. So, if you see that your favorite mountain is not in this layer yet: add it!
Developer: Josias Thony
Tim Hortons - Tim Hortons coffee stores in the US and Canada
This layer shows you where to get a cup of good ol’ Tim Hortons.
Developer: Brad Leege and Mathijs Gajentaan,


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Layar is in the iPhone App Store!

Redactie October 14, 2009

We have waited a long time but it is finally there! Layar arrived in the App Store. It’s free and available globally. Below some screenshots of the App.


Let us know what you think of the App.. We really like it!! ;-)

UPDATE: Layar 0n Iphone in Japan iphone-jp_2 iphone-jp_1

OSX & Iphone Itunes screenshots: itunes-layar2








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Changes to publication site and new minor release of the developer APK

Dirk Groten October 8, 2009

Today we deployed a new version of the publishing site. Accompanying this change is version 2.1.1 of the developer APK. You need to install the new APK if you want to use some of the new features of the developer site. There is no change to the market version, as we’ll come with a new version with end-user features later on. Read on for the changes.

Changes to the publication site:

  • New navigation: Announcements are on the home page, you’ll find your developer ID/key has been moved to your profile

  • Deletion of test layers: You can now delete test layers. This removes your layer from the database irrevocably!

  • Freezing published layers: If you need to block access to your layer for any reason (e.g. maintenance, serious bug you want to fix), you can now freeze a layer. Users will not see your layer in any of the layer galleries, unless they have already marked it as ‘Favorite’. In the latter case, if they select the layer, they’ll get a message telling that the layer is ‘temporarily unavailable’.

Changes to the developer APK:

  • You need the new developer APK v2.1.1 in order to be able to view frozen layers with your developer ID/key. They don’t show up on the current application.

  • Application correctly handles intents to external applications in the POI actions. If the external application is present on the handset, it will be launched; otherwise a message is displayed to the user. Note that “http://” intents are not supported, these always start the web view.

  • Bug fix: Application won’t download images larger than 50 kB in the BIW to avoid out-of-memory crash.

  • Bug fix: Better checks for invalid JSON in responses to GetPointsOfInterest.

  • Bug fix: Country code United Kingdom is now the same as Great Britain in the developer settings.

Regarding support for external intents: Use this APK to test this functionality, but note that it hasn’t been released to the Market yet so it won’t work for published layers yet. Current users of Layar v2.1 will experience an error when launching an unknown action URL.


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See Layar at ISMAR09 – The Augmented Reality Conference

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald October 1, 2009

picture-3ISMAR is the place where all augmented reality people will meet. Researchers and entrepreneurs. Come and meet the Layar CTO Dirk Groten who will be attending. The event is in Orlando, Florida and takes place from October 19 till 22.

Get a 23% discount
Use the code “”LAYAR2009” when you register and get a 23% discount.

The program consists of workshops on monday (we recommend the Mobile Magic Wand workshop) and much more. View the full program here or the summary:

- On Monday we are offering six research and commercial workshops and one Tutorial on Tracking. You may sign up for only one full-day workshop or tutorial.

Registration includes admittance to the post-workshop ISMAR Expo reception on Monday evening where you will be able to mix with diverse disciplines and sectors of the ISMAR community.

Monday’s Keynote will be given by Mark Mine, Creative Technology Director for Disney Imagineering.

-Tuesday is the start of the 3-day ISMAR conference where you can choose one of three options:

1) the traditional Science and Technology research program,

2) the new Arts, Media and Humanities program or

3) Pioneer Tutorials continue, taught by ISMAR pioneers.

Tuesday Keynote will be given by Natasha Tsakos,  Performance artist converging dreams and technology

Conference registration also includes the conference reception Tuesday night, keynote presentations, exhibition pass and the Wednesday night awards banquet.

Wednesday Keynote will be given by Pattie Maes, Director of the Fluid Interface Lab, MIT Media Lab.



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