Layar Rapid Development Tools

Cari Davidson November 5, 2009

Hey Layar Developers!

If you’re looking for a rapid development tool to create your layer, we’ve had a few fantastic creations come up lately, and we thought we’d share them with you.



django-layar is a project of Sunlight Labs (c) 2009.
by James Turk
Provides abstract class that responds to Layar API requests in the appropriate format. By implementing two small functions it is possible to add a layer to the Layar augmented reality application for Android and iPhone.



by Jens de Smit

A PHP-based POI server for Layar. You can find code and documentation at It can run with both tab-delimited files and a relational database as a backend, as well as an XML format.



by Dylan Phillips

If you are a C# developer, and want to get on the Layar Bus.  Check it out.  Invitations are also open for folks who want to contribute. Check it out here:

The license is open source, so you are welcome to include it in your own commercial products.


Programmer Joe

He’s not an engine, but he is a coding machine…   Joe Ludwig has published the python code for one of his Layar projects in his blog post here. For the impatient, Here’s the code.

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  1. Dirk Henst

    This is great! the community is fast and sharing code!

  2. Tyler

    Are there any Java tools etc out there? I'm thinking something like an eclipse plugin?

  3. I modified drupal's view_datasource json view to generate the data feed for layar. Works great!

  4. Great to see a community and an app that supports developers. Loving PorPOISe

  5. atlantis

    Did you have those application for Android platform? I'm just want it can run in Android device. Waiting for response!

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