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Layar 3.0 Publishing Site is up

Cari Davidson November 30, 2009

The Layar Publishing site is up, with support for Layar 3.0 layers!   Developers can start making their 3.0 layers immediately by going to

Changes this release:

  • 3D Objects (see the Layar Wiki for details)

  • Unlimited POI types

  • Support for more textbox and slider filters

  • New checkboxlist filter - there can be more than one

  • User authentication - cookies

  • Auto-triggered actions

  • Local layers - a new way to define and find layers

  • Flexible radius - Return as many POIs as you need, and then set the radius

  • Improved layer validation, and automatic support for older client versions

  • POI-to-POI capability, for story-telling and guided tours

If you find any problems, please help us out by sending bug reports to

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