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Android users – Join our beta testers group!

maurice groenhart January 6, 2010

You’ve heard that we had to pull out the iPhone app from the App Store due to numerous reports of crashes. We’ve had much difficulty in reproducing the crashes and have decided to expand our group of beta testers. You can help us! So if you are willing to test early versions of our client software and can spend some time reporting any issues you find, please let us know. Since we have enough Iphone Beta Testers we are now looking for Android Beta Testers. So if you have an Android please join our beta test group.

We need the following information:

  • Which phone do you have? Brand and model (e.g. Motorola Droid, etc…)

  • Which OS version do you have? (e.g. Android 2.0.2, etc…)

  • Rooted or clean?

  • If you have an iPhone, we need your UDID: Connect your iPhone to iTunes, select your iPhone in the left column and click on the serial number. This will change to show the UDID. Even though you cannot select this ID, you can now copy (Edit -> Copy) and paste it.

  • If you have an Android device, please send us the IMEI: This can be found on the phone under Settings -> About this phone.

Please use this form to signup for our beta testers program

You will then receive instructions on how to download and install the latest beta versions of our software and how to submit tickets.

Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays!

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