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First Layar Webinar now online

maurice groenhart January 12, 2010

Last Wednesday we broadcasted our first webinar from Layar HQ in Amsterdam. Almost 150 attended this webinar and we received some very good feedback on our topics.

During the webinar we experienced some issues, which leads to some poor audio connections for the most of our attendees. We would like to apologize for this. For our next webinar we will use a phone, instead of a wifi-connection, to dial in. Hope this will solve the problem. We will also try to capture the next webinar, including sound, so we can put it online afterwards.

Did you miss our webinar?

No problem, in this blogpost you can find our presentation. We added some notes and slides in this presentation in order to provide a better picture of our webinar for those who missed it.

We are planning our next webinar in February. We will announce the subject and date in our newsletter and blog.


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