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Major updates: Support of local language

maurice groenhart February 11, 2010

Last weeks we worked hard to improve our client and we have some updates in place.

We improved the start-up time of our application and the lighting of 3D objects within Layar.

The biggest update from our side is the support of local languages. We now support the following languages: English, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian and Turkish

Do you want your language to be supported by our client?
We would like to support as much languages as possible in order to serve local layer initiatives all over the world. The translation of our client could be a added value for you as a developer and your clients locally.

If your local language is currently not in our list but you would like to help us with the translations please contact us. We have a file in place, which we can send to you. The translation of this file is a small effort but could be a huge value for your market.
>> Request your client in local language

It could occur that we have an error in our translation. If this is the case please report this to us.
>> Report an error

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