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Redactie February 12, 2010

SCREENSHOT LAYER (3D) - international
Valentijn -
Zenbu NZ -
New Zealand
InMob - Venta -
Bordeaux, France
Kunst op straat -
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Discount Hotel Finder -
- international
Mapa Zdravlja - The Health Layer - Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia
- international
The Match - international
Previsite - France and US -
Balkan - Polish Yellow Pages - Poland
Oxylane Campus
- Villeneuve d’Ascq (Lille) France
Urban Farm - international

Description: Take fun screenshots with friends. Includes Catch of the Day, I Can Has Cheezburger? and many more
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Howard Ogden
Developer Company:

Description: Verras je geliefde met een leuke valentijnsboodschap en win een cadeau van de ChocolateStories
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Johannes La Poutre
Developer Company: Squio

Zenbu NZ
Description: Zenbu is your local search engine for all New Zealand places, products & services. Find everything : restaurants, accommodation, shops, banks, ATMs, parks, toilets…
Geographical spread: New Zealand
Developer: Sam Giffney
Developer Company: Zenbu

InMob - Venta
Description: Listado de casas en venta cerca de donde te encuentres
Geographical spread: Spain
Developer: Jose Martin
Developer Company: Cibertad S.L

Description: VCUB Vélo libre service à Bordeaux
Geographical spread: Bordeaux, France
Developer: Cyril Gravelier
Developer Company: Clever Age

Kunst op straat
Description: Kijk om je heen en ontdek honderden kunstwerken!
Gographical spread: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Developer: Bas van der Hoeven
Developer Company: Gemeente Nijmegen

Discount Hotel Finder
Description: Locate and book hotels instantly with the discount hotels specialist & AYR comms
Geographical spread: UK
Developer: Marvin Johnson
Developer Company: AYR Communications

Description: Find Layar Developers around you; Developers can add their details on
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

Mapa Zdravlja - The Health Layer
Description: Find pharmacies and medical instititutions near you in Serbia
Geographical spread: Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia
Developer: developer team
Developer Company:

Description: Find your doomo, find your home. Real estate search engine
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Patricio Vidal
Developer Company: doomos

The Match
Description: Let fellow football fans know your thoughts on the game
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Paul Smith
Developer Company: Cestria Group Ltd

Description: Use Previsite to find the nearest properties for sale or for rent and watch the video listings!
Geographical spread: France and US
Developer: Cyrille Carbonnier
Developer Company: previsite
Description: Find your transportation in Serbia and the Balkans
Geographical spread: Balkan; Serbia & Montenegro, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegowina
Developer: Marko Jovanovic
Developer Company: - Polish Yellow Pages
Description: Informacje o ponad 1,2 mln firm i ich ofertach
Geographical spread: Poland

Oxylane Campus
Description: Où suis-je ? Ce layer a été conçu pour vous aider à vous repérer sur le site Oxylane Campus
Geographical spread: Villeneuve d’Ascq (Lille) France
Developer: Jérôme Vanandruel
Developer Company: DECATHLON

Urban Farm
Description: Bring the farmyard to the city
Geographical spread: international
Developer: James Bridle
Developer Company: STML

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