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See the world! Layar has a new logo and website

maurice groenhart March 10, 2010

With so many visitors from all over the world it was time for an update. And not just our website, the Layar logo has been updated too. Check out some of the new content:

Catalog You are now able to find a complete overview of all available layers. In the catalog section you can browse through categories and see what’s available in your country, as well as the most recently published layers.

Download For those still looking for the app, this section is aimed to help people get Layar. In a few easy steps we explain how Layar can be downloaded to your device.

Create Want your own content layer? This section explains Layar and its possibilities to new developers, brands and agencies, as well as the existing support and tools to help them create layers themselves.

Let us know what you think about our new website.
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