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20 new layers launched; Have fun with screenshot layers

Redactie March 19, 2010

Another 20 layers have been launched recently. Amongst them a couple of new screenshot layers, like the Screenshots layer (3D) from We talked to Johannes la Poutre from Squio and Pablo Garcia-Morato from ElipseAD about their idea’s and motivation behind developing screenshot layers.

Have fun!

Which screen shot layer(s) have you developed so far and are you going to develop more?
Johannes: “We developed the Valentine layer, where users could “frame” their valentine and win prizes via restaurant fifteen and if they sent in a screenshot. This was a last minute project, it went only live 3 days before Valentine but still got huge traffic! Later on we decided to have some fun with Ronald McDonald look-alikes. With this layer you can pose with Ronald or put him in all kinds of strange contexts.”
Pablo: “We have developed Be Famous, a cool layer where you can take pictures with celebreties. We are going to add soon more famous people to that layer. The other one is Avatar. I think almost everyone know that amazing movie and is a great chance to feel like if you where in that phantastic world (Pandora) with its characters. We are going to add many more scenaries and characters to that layer. We are currently working on many new screenshots layers and have many ideas for the future.”

What is your idea behind screenshot layers? Is there any business behind it, or is it just for fun?
Johannes: “With the Valentine layer we got sponsors for the prizes, we wanted to find out how this model works for all parties involved. The Ronald layer is pure for fun, we hope people enjoy it as much as we do!”

Pablo: “Well, the first step is to explore all the possibilities ir order to be able to create more big things. Those first layers are just for fun, but our main ideas are related to marketing and advertising of big brands.”

How do you think (or hope ;-) users will use the screenshot layer?
Johannes: “Augmented Reality is much more about experience than purely informational only. The screenshots layers are an extreme example, we hope in the first place users like them and will forward screenshots to their friends.”
Pablo: “I think that users as long as developers are exploring this amazing world of AR, which opportunities and experiences make them fill like if all the future things we’ve seen in movies have become truth. They can take pictures with imaginary or true characters or things, where ever they are. That’s incredible if you think about it. It’s no only taking a photo, is much more, is feeling a great experience, have in your hand a brand new world of emotions.”

Any other comment or input?
Johannes: “It would be great if Layar added an easier way to take screenshots or the raw camera image and attach actions to these in a next iteration of the application!”
Pablo: “I’ll like to thank Layar for creating such a great platform. I think Layar has opened a new way in AR and have given users and developers a great opportunity to be in touch with that great technology. That’s all! :-D”

All newest launched layers:

Ronalds’ gone mad! - international
- international
- international
LiveSpot Property
- Australia, New Zealand
Las Vegas Casinos -
Las Vegas, US
- international
Rotterdam Culture
- Rotterdam, Netherlands Locaties -
D66 in Amsterdam
- Amsterdam, Netherlands
WVU Campus Map -
Morgantown, West Virginia, US
Unife -
Ferrara, Italy
Valenciennes, France
ar+clip ARアート作品 - Japan
campustukl - Germany
dokiru? - international
Christian Church Finder- UK
ASU - Arizona, US
heAR AUSTIN - Austin, US
Gids Noord-Holland Noord -
Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Gids Haaglanden - Haaglanden, Netherlands

Please open this post to see screenshots and descriptions of all layers.

Ronalds’ gone mad!
Description: Ronald mcDonald has gone MAD! He shows up all over the world doing all sorts of crazy things in the weirdest spots. Have you spotted Ronald somewhere… please send us a screenshot as evidence… Note: use this Layar at your own risk. We do not take any responsibilities for your or Ronalds’ actions.
Geographical spread: international
Developer: johannes La Poutre
Developer Company: Squio

Description: Welcome to Pandora. Take nice screenshots and share them with your friends. Enjoy this amazing planet inhabited by the Na’vi who live in harmony with nature. Find your avatar’s body!
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

Description: Want to be famous? Take pictures with your favourite celebrities! Featuring Brad, George, Ronaldo, Scarlett, Megan and Angelina.
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

LiveSpot Property
Description: LiveSpot Property lets you find property for sale near you anywhere, anytime.
Geographical spread: Australia, New Zealand
Developer: LiveSpot
Developer Company: LiveSpot

Las Vegas Casinos
Description: All major casinos in Las Vegas, constantly updated by Las Vegas Advisor.
Geographical spread: Las Vegas, US
Developer: Dale Bratcher
Developer Company: Huntington Press

Description: A mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam. Muslims often refer to the mosque by its Arabic name, masjid. To add a new mosque is really easy. Just goto
Geographical spread: intl
Developer: Mohammed Zagzoog
Developer Company: Newstar

Rotterdam Culture
Description: Deze layar geeft je de actuele voorstellingen en activiteiten in Rotterdam.
Geographical spread: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Developer: Jeroen Meijer
Developer Company: Locaties
Description: Alle Seats2Meet Locaties op 1 kaart
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Kees Romkes
Developer Company: Kees Romkes Communication Consultancy

D66 in Amsterdam
Description: De programmapunten van D66 Amsterdam in uw buurt.
Geographical spread: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Developer: Floor Terra
Developer Company: D66

WVU Campus Map
Description: West Virginia University Campus Map
Geographical spread: Morgantown, West Virginia, US
Developer: Steve Spriggs change
Developer Company: West Virginia University

Description: Sedi Università di Ferrara. Visualizza tutte le strutture (Facoltà, Dipartimenti, Centri Universitari) dell’Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Geographical spread: Ferrara, Italy
Developer: Emanuele Borasio
Developer Company: G-maps

Description: Votre compagnon touristique. Visite et découverte des points remarquables de votre patrimoine. Choisissez là où vous voulez allez !
Geographical spread: Valenciennes, France
Developer: Mo LAOUFI
Developer Company: 3ISN

ar+clip ARアート作品
Short Description: カメラを通してARアート作品鑑賞。作品につぶやきも可能。 Looking through the camera view by AR artist can appreciate art installation works.
Geographical spread: Japan

Description: Campus TU KL Navigation
Geographical spread: Germany
Developer: Daniel Broschart
Developer Company: cpe TU KL

Description: dokiru? is the easiest way to meet new people, discover places and find events nearby.
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Jacinto Shy
Developer Company: Monadik Inc.

Christian Church Finder
Description: Lost? Find yourself with our UK Christian Church Finder.
Geographical spread: UK
Developer: AYR Comm
Developer Company: AYR Communications

Description: Arizona State University; This Layar will allow students at Arizona State University to search for POIs relating to buildings on campus. Each POI will have the building’s name and a link to get more info about that building.
Geographical spread: Arizona, US
Developer: Amir, Abdollahi
Developer Company: Arizona State University

Description: heAR AUSTIN, Guide to the Austin, TX scene; March 12th-21st, 2010 the annual Interactive, Music and Film festival in Austin TX. Use the heAR AUSTIN guide to locate venues, learn about bands, view performance schedules, and film schedules.
Geographical spread: Austin, US
Developer: Shawn Bailly
Developer Company: Zehnder Communications

Gids Noord-Holland Noord
Description: Verwijskompasgids Regio Noord-Holland noord. Wie doet wat in de zorg?
Geographical spread: Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Gids Haaglanden
Description: Verwijskompasgids Regio Haaglanden
Geographical spread: Haaglanden, Netherlands

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