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Number of layers reached the “big 500″!

Redactie April 15, 2010

We are very proud of the great number of 41 new layers which have been launched this week AND that the Layar content has reached the “big 500” in number of layers!

Moreover, country specific content is spreading thoughout the world. Last weeks we had first country specifc layers launched in Israel, Malta and South Africa. This week there are two layers layers launced especially for Singapore (Singapore Dine & MRT & LRT public transport) and also Turkey now has it’s first 2 country-dedicated layers (including a cool real estate layer with many filters: Milliyet Emlak)

The 500th layer to be approved is the HiHD 無線數位轉播站, the second Taiwan specific layer.

We talked to the enthusiastic developer of the 500th layer, Kenny Kuo, from Cyclone Info. Office, who is determined to implement more layers with his Taiwanese software house. He explained about his layer and especially for our Taiwanese users & developers including answers in Chinese ;-)

About the HiHD 無線數位轉播站 layer
2008年公共電視 接受行政院新聞局「公共廣電與文化創意、數位電視發展兩年計畫」補助,協助建置國內第一個HDTV高畫質無線數位頻道— 「HiHD」,以提供台灣民眾多元的高畫質節目內容。(出處:關於HiHD介紹, 網址:


The Public Television Service (PTS) launch the trial HDTV channel in Taiwan. Users need an antenna in order to receive certain broadcasting stations, my layer gives them the direction to align their antenna for reference.
Have a look at the site [enter lat/lon “25.034030 121.564622” and level “101” (the position is Taipei 101, the form world’s highest building), and you can get the direction], or try the layer for yourself!

Kenny also wanted to share some links to implenmentaion to serveral major HDTV forum in Taiwan, which are … TVROBBS, MyAV, Mobile01, HD Club, Taiwan Android Chinese Resouces

Thanks to all of the passionate developers for making it possible for all us users to enjoy your local and global layer content!

All new launched layers:

HiHD 無線數位轉播站 - Taiwan
Singapore-Dine - Singapore
Singapore MRT and LRT - Singapore - otomobil burada - Turkey
Milliyet Emlak - Turkey
Gowalla Spots - International
GowallAR - International
Third Echelon - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nice Spot - Canada -  Netherlands
Cityguide to Gothenburg -  Gothenburg, Sweden
Jelly Coworking -  International by Openhanced -  International
広島P2ウォーカー検索; Hiroshima P2 Walker -  Hiroshima, Japan
函館観光案内 -  Hakodate, Japan
Google meets Layar -  France
Gewerbeimmobilien -  Germany
Geldautomaten -  Germany
Mediterranean, Inmobiliaria de Caja Mediterráneo -  Spain
kutxa -  Spain
METRO SEVILLA -  Sevilla, Spain
METRO MADRID - Madrid , Spain
EPI Drome -  France
FunkFeuer Community Wireless Network -  Austria
Powerhouse Museum -  Australia
Robin Hood Tax -  UK
Monaco - Monaco
Capgemini offices locations -  France
Omaha’s Top 10 - Omaha, Nebraska, US
White Guide - Sweden
Metro de Barcelona
- Spain
Hotel Doen!
- Willem Verspyck
Turismo en Bilbao - Bilbao, Spain
Turimo en A Coruña -
Coruña, Spain
UK Hospital Finder
- UK
- Ukraine
Farmacias Pinto -
- France
Sansiri life style
- Thailand
Billetlugen - Spillesteder - Denmark

Click on the post, to more info & screenshots per layer

HiHD 無線數位轉播站
Description: 擴增實境指向台灣無線數位電視 HiHD 高畫質頻道轉播站,使用者在調整天線方向時提供更為便利的參考依據。轉播站台涵蓋:竹子山/萬里/南港山/店子湖/枕頭山/中寮山六 個 HiHD 轉播站
Geographical spread: Taiwan
Developer: Kenny Kuo
Developer Company: Cyclone Info. Office

Description: Singapore’s main restaurants and dining portal. Look for restaurants, coffee shopsand hawker places in your area, get special promotions, read reviews and make reservations on the go.
Geographical spread: Singapore
Developer: Avi Rosen
Developer Company: Expys

Singapore MRT and LRT
Description: Locate and get directions to MRT and LRT stations in Singapore
Geographical spread: Singapore
Developer Company: LiveSpot - otomobil burada
Description: Türkiyenin 2 el ve 0 km otomobil alim-satim pazari. Turkey’s 2nd hand car trading market, and 0 km.
Geographical spread: Turkey
Developer: Hüseyin Aksu
Developer Company: Duvardeko

Milliyet Emlak
Description: Hayalinizdeki emlak belki su an burada. Seeking to achieve real estate ‘s new application even easier!
Geographical spread: Turkey
Developer: T.Serkan OZDINC
Developer Company: alba

Gowalla Spots
Description: Find the nearby Gowalla Spots
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Fred van Rijswijk
Developer Company: C2K

Description: Explore Gowalla on Layar
Geographical spread: International
Developer: Junjun Olympia

Third Echelon
Description: BE Sam Fisher in the Spintercell introduction Layar ! Blutarsky, and Ubisoft teamed up to preset you with the most real “sam fisher” experience to date. Solve mysteries and complete missions in Amsterdam!
Geographical spread: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Developer: Jeroen Meijer
Developer Company:

Nice Spot
Description: Find the nice public spots around you. Relax, enjoy, energize - just be happy you found a nice spot.
Geographical spread: Canada
Developer: Christopher Zimmermann
Developer Company: Time Science
Description: Dé Layer voor exclusief onroerend goed in Nederland. Nieuwsgierig hoe die prachtige villa bij u in de buurt er uitziet? Met deze Layer kunt u het aanbod van in Nederland bij u in de omgeving bekijken.
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Victor Henskens
Developer Company: REG Media bv

Cityguide to Gothenburg
Description: Discover the city
Geographical spread: Gothenburg, Sweden
Developer: Igor Tihonov
Developer Company: Sweco Position AB

Jelly Coworking
Description: Find your local Jelly! What’s Jelly? Jelly’s a casual work event where everyone’s invited. It’s for anyone who’d like to work alongside other creative people in a welcoming environment. More info here and add your own Jelly here
Geographical spread: UK / international
Developer: Paul Lewis
Developer Company: Media Grand UK Ltd by Openhanced
Description: This lists all tracks of the site (Cycling, MTB, running, etc tracks); more info here
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Hans Blaauw
Developer Company: Openhanced

広島P2ウォーカー検索; Hiroshima P2 Walker
Description: 広島平和記念公園周辺の観光スポットや記念碑(動画有)を検索; See Hiroshima Peace Park and major tourist spots. Layer available in Japanese and English
Geographical spread: Hiroshima, Japan

Description: 函館近郊の観光スポットをご案内いたします。; Hakodate Tourist Information
Geographical spread: Hakodate, Japan
Developer: atWare, Inc.
Developer Company: atWare, Inc.

Google meets Layar
Description: Google dans votre poche. Trouvez tout ce que vous voulez à proximité.
Geographical spread: France
Developer: Bertrand Lebonnois
Developer Company: Pollop

Description: Suche nach Gewerbeimmobilien in Deutschland
Geographical spread: Germany
Developer: Martin Adam
Developer Company:

Description: Finden Sie Geldautomaten in Ihrer Nähe
Geographical spread: Germany
Developer: Martin Adam
Developer Company:

Mediterranean, Inmobiliaria de Caja Mediterráneo
Description: Localiza todas nuestras viviendas más próximas a tu posición actual. Locate our homes closest to your current position; or watch the video
Geographical spread: Spain
Developer: José Luis Serrano
Developer Company: CAM

Description: Oficinas y cajeros de kutxa
Detail Description
Geographical spread: Spain
Developer: Loreto Garcia
Developer Company: Kutxa

Description: Encuentra las paradas de metro más cercanas a su posición en Sevilla.
Geographical spread: Sevilla, Spain
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

Description: Encuentre las estaciones de metro más cercanas a su posición en Madrid.
Geographical spread: Madrid, Spain
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

EPI Drome
Description: Localiser les Espaces Publics Internet du département de la Drôme
Geographical spread: France
Developer: herve pellarin
Developer Company: hpsc

FunkFeuer Community Wireless Network
Description: The FunkFeuer initiatives are building non-commercial community driven wireless mesh networks throughout Austria.
Geographical spread: Austria
Developer: Wolfgang Nagele
Developer Company: Private

Powerhouse Museum
Short Description: Powerhouse Museum is Sydney’s museum of science, design & social history
Geographical spread: Australia
Developer: Rob Manson
Developer Company: MOB (Mobile Online Business Pty Ltd)

Robin Hood Tax
Description: Mask Up You Merry Men and Women! Support the Robin Hood Tax by wearing a virtual mask. Take a photo of the mask on your friends face and upload it here
Geographical spread: UK
Developer: Paul Lewis
Developer Company: Media Grand UK Ltd

Description: Tout ce qu’il faut avoir vu à Monaco All the must see of Monaco
Geographical spread: Monaco
Developer: Georges DICK
Developer Company: Capgemini

Capgemini offices locations
Description: All the Capgemini offices locations in France
Geographical spread: France
Developer: Georges DICK
Developer Company: Capgemini

Omaha’s Top 10
Description: 10 Great things to see and do in Omaha, Nebraska.
Geographical spread: Omaha, Nebraska, US
Developer: Mathijs Gajentaan
Developer Company: Winvolve

Description: Datos y Eventos de NESCAFÉ.CL
Geographical spread: Chile
Developer: Juan Pablo Fierro
Developer Company: Nescafe

White Guide

Description: Sveriges ledande restaurangguide. White Guide which is published annually is a comprehensive survey of the most interesting restaurants.
Geographical spread: Sweden
Developer: Fredrik Davidsson
Developer Company: Teknograd AS

Metro de Barcelona
Description: Situación de todas las paradas de metro de Barcelona -
Geographical spread: Spain
Developer: Miguel
Developer Company: pete

Hotel Doen!
Description: Een overzicht van hotels in de omgeving.
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Willem Verspyck
Developer Company: Online Doen!

Turismo en Bilbao
Description: Ubicación de todos los puntos turísticos de Bilbao
Geographical spread: Bilbao, Spain
Developer: Miguel
Developer Company: pete

Turimo en A Coruña
Description: Ubicacion de puntos turísticos en la ciudad de Acoruña
Geographical spread: Coruña, Spain
Developer: Miguel
Developer Company: pete

UK Hospital Finder

Description: Need a Hospital? Locate hospitals within 5km of your position anywhere in the UK -Accident & Emergency - Childrens Hospitals - NHS Trust Hospitals - Private Hospitals - Bupa Hospitals- and more
Geographical spread: UK
Developer: AYR Comm
Developer Company: AYR Communications

Description: Местонахождение отделений, банкоматов и терминалов банка ПриватБанк.Location of branches and ATMs of PrivatBank.
Geographical spread: Ukraine
Developer: Vadim Samelyuk
Developer Company: SPD Vadim Samelyuk

Farmacias Pinto
Description: Farmacias de guardia Pinto
Geographical spread: Spain
Developer: José Joaquín Cáceres Reyes
Developer Company: Apptitud

Description: Trouvez rapidement un restaurant autour de l’endroit où vous vous trouvez.
Geographical spread: France
Developer: Nicolas Léon
Developer Company: Omnitic

Sansiri life style
Description: Sansiri is real estate company, Sansiri would like to provided their customer easy to find their home project, condo project, food, fitness, coffee shop,
Geographical spread: Thailand
Developer: Fe Element
Developer Company: FlexMedia

Billetlugen - Spillesteder
Description: Et lag der viser spillesteder som Billetlugen sælger billetter for. A layer showing venues as Billetlugen sell tickets.
Geographical spread: Denmark
Developer: Bjorn Bjornson
Developer Company: Billetlugen A/S


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