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Layer of the week: First Indian layer for the city of Pune

Redactie May 1, 2010

Many layers are published every week, thanks to all our developers from around the world! With the fantastic growing amount of new layers (20-40 layers a week), it’s not do-able anymore to introduce all new published layers in a blogpost every week. The fun and feasible solution to keep you up to date of the coolest new layers is the ‘layer of the week’.

We kick-off this new section with the first Indian layer: the Pune layer, developed by Amar Jadhav from Upside Learning Solutions. The layer shows crowd-sourced landmarks of the city of Pune: any user can add Points Of Interest. This layer is Upside Learning Solutions’ first developed layer, and probably not the last. We talked to Amar about his scoop:

What inspired you to develop this layer?

Amar: “At Upside Learning, we’ve constantly strived to address the various platforms in the technology space; we consider mobile the most important. We are constantly trying out new mobile technology. After reading about Layar earlier last year, we had to try building some content for it. This was one of the major drivers behind developing the Pune Layar. Also, given that there was no layer developed in India till we did.”

What does the layer bring us, how can we experience Pune with your layer?

Amar: “Pune is city with a rich history, a dynamic present and a promising future. With bazaars and shopping plazas, palaces and ritzy hotels, temples, mosques and churches, this sprawling metropolis set in the hills conjures up myriad images. The Pune Layar allows you to experience an innovative way to explore all these beautiful landmarks using your mobile phone. Pune Layar connects the various Points of interest. to their respective Wikipedia pages and websites (if available), allowing you to access more up-to-date information.”

Any other thoughts, ideas or inputs you’d like to share?

Amar: “This is our first try with Layar,  though the application seems high-ended, its development actually is made a lot simpler by the Layar community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Layar for creating such a cool application and opening up new avenues in AR technology. We believe that the use of Layar or other Augmented Reality applications in the field of eLearning could be profound. Our focus is to use Layar in learning solutions and fully explore its application in performance support solutions.”

You can read more about Amar’s experiences with developing a layer for the first time on his blog.

All other new launched layers can be found in the  ‘New Layers’ section in our Catalog.

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