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Developers announcement: Index your layer for Layar Stream

maurice groenhart May 11, 2010

Last week we announced Layar Stream, revealing immediately what Augmented Reality (AR) content is available around you.

Layar Stream generates a stream out of the 1.2 million augmented objects served daily by Layar. The ranking is based on a proprietary algorithm using contextual elements like location, usage and popularity of content in all published layers. Layar Stream holds information about the type of available content and whether it contains 3D objects, images, video or audio. Users can optimize their stream by filtering on keywords, categories and distance.

The implementation of Layar Stream will have a huge impact on the discoverability and re-usage of your layer(s). Layar Stream ensures a higher visibility within our browser and drives traffic to your augmented reality content.

>> Index your layer right now!

Your layer(s) can be indexed on three levels.

1. Allow Layar to cache all POIs of this layer*.(Recommended)
The POIs of this layer will be visible for end-users in Layar Stream
2. Allow Layar to cache only the title and position of the POIs of this layer.
Only the title and postions of the POIs of this layer will be visible for end-users in Layar Stream
3. Don’t allow Layar to cache the POIs of this layer.
The POIs of this layer won’t be visible for end-users in Layar Stream

Next to these options you have the possibility to add an expiration date, if the layer expires after a certain date (e.g. after the World Championship Football) and the live time of the POI within your layer so you can indicate if your layer is static, dynamic or higly dynamic. How to index and optimize your layer for Layar Stream can be found here.

You can also opt-out on a POI level. This is for example useful in a game, where you don’t want your clues to be indexed and would include only the starting point of the game in Layar Stream. For these cases we added “doNotIndex” respons to our GetPOI API. Check it here.

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