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Layar developers and publishers: please test your layers before you request publication

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald May 21, 2010

Layar highly values a great user experience - reason why we have an approval system for layer publications. It is remarkable that of all the requests for publication, we have to reject around 50% due to technical issues (not returning POIs or Layar provider not available). Approving publications takes a lot of time from our technical support team. This can easily be solved by developers themselves if the layers would be tested thoroughly before requesting approval.

Therefore we call upon all developers: please test your layer according to the “Notice” (test instructions) provided in the ‘your layers’ section on the Developer site. Please understand that if we have to reject your layer because of improper testing, we will not give it the highest priority when you re-request publication.

Claire Boonstra (co-founder)
Xuan Wang (technical support)

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