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Redactie May 28, 2010

We opened up a Slideshare account where you can find Layar’s presentations at conferences and other slides. There’s a group connected to our account, in which you can share your Layar cases. As you might notice the channel is yet quite empty, so we welcome you to join the group and start sharing your layer cases. Our newest useful presentation is the information for brands and publishers. If you’re a developer, you can use this info deck to talk to interested parties.

Also, we’re filling our Youtube channel to collect all videos about Layar that wander around on the internet (Remember Layar man? ;-)). Have you got a cool video about Layar or your layer? Let us know and we’ll add it to one of our playlists.

Also: everyone can now subscribe to the newsletter on our website, which will keep you up to date on upcoming releases, events and more. Sign up here and stay updated with the latest Layar news.

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