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Layar Developer Day

maurice groenhart June 10, 2010

The day after our Layar NEXT event on June 18th, we will host a Layar Developer Day at our office, route description.

In the morning, we will discuss and explain new Layar features in detail. Developers will be given the opportunity to share lessons learned, tips and tricks and give feedback and ideas to the Layar team and other participants.

In the afternoon, the Dutch National football team will play a WorldCup match against Japan. We will arrange a big screen so that you can either watch the match or do more socialising, coding, exchanging ideas etc.

You must be a Layar Developer (in possession of a developer key) to attend this event. Of course, new and inexperienced developers are more than welcome to join. The event is for free, including drinks and lunch.

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Program for the 19th of June:

  • 10.00 Opening by Maurice Groenhart, Community Manager

  • 10.15 Startup sessions

  • 12.00 New API by Dirk Groten, CTO

  • 12.30 Lunchbreak

  • 13.00 Round table discussion - Impact of the new API

  • 14.00 End and time for soccer and drinks

See you on the 19th of June.

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