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Important announcement for developers and publishers: Developer and publisher environment down on Sunday the 3rd of October

maurice groenhart September 29, 2010

A few weeks ago we announced the migration of the developer and publisher environment into one environment and now we’re ready to release! To make sure that the migration will have a minor impact on all the developers and publishers we will migrate this weekend on Sunday, the 3rd of October between 10.00 AM and 6.00 PM CEST.

During the migration the current developer and publisher environment will be down and it won’t be possible to create, edit, manage and change your layers

After the migration you can find all your layers by login in on . Based on your current account(s) there are several steps you have to take to actually get to your layers.

If you have a developer account but NO publisher account you have to take the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Create a layar account with the same email address as your developer account’s login (Google account)

  3. Login in with your account on

  4. Fill in developer information form and accept terms and conditions

  5. Click on “my layers” button next to username.

If you have a developer account and a publisher account you have to take the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Login in with your account on

  3. Check your developer information and accept terms and conditions

  4. Click on “my layers” button next to username.

To get a better understanding on how this will look like and where you can find everything please go through the slides or download this file. More detailed information about this new environment can also be found in these slides.


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The Next Wave of Interactive Augmented Reality Experiences

maurice groenhart September 27, 2010

Augmented Reality is the medium for interactivity, animation and cool visuals. That’s how you get engagement and that’s what our new 4.0 release of the Layar Augmented Reality Browser for Android is focused on. Today we’ve announced the next wave of interactive Augmented Reality experiences.

In the spirit of sharing the new capabilities of this release, we’ve listed several amazing layers below. These layers show the new interaction and interface capabilities of the new release of the platform and the browser. A special thanks to the Layar Partner Network members who created these. You can update to the latest version through the Android Market and view the layers mentioned below (iPhone version will follow soon).

ARcade by HPSC 2010 is the 30th anniversary of the legendary PAC-MAN game is the inspiration of the ARcade game on Layar. In this game players run after blinky cubes in a retro-arcade decor. The line of cubes is generated for the player, who gets points for every cubes he goes through. Players must register to play and see leaderboards of the day and the week.

Direct link to open the game on your phone

Woomba by Superimpose and Hoppala The Woombas escaped! Circus director Zambarini needs your help to catch them again. But watch out for the Wookies who disguise as Woombas and try to get you. Score points by catching different game characters, leading you on a fun trail.

Direct link to open the game on your phone

Other showcases:

Read more »


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The easiest way to add Augmented Reality in your app.

maurice groenhart September 15, 2010

Sign me up, Scotty!As more people enhance their world through Augmented Reality, we are continuously looking for new ways to help developers easily offer this experience within their own apps. At this moment adding Augmented Reality in your own app is a real hassle. White label solutions are in most cases very costly. Free open tools don’t give you the features, support nor the desired experience you want. Until now. Enter the Layar Player.

We are introducing a simple line of code that can help developers easily build an augmented reality experience into their own iPhone app. The Layar Player simply plays your published layer right in your iPhone app. This solution is by far the easiest way to get augmented reality in your iPhone app.

To kick things off, we are supporting 10 developers with their ideas during our beta program. See below for details on how to enter and get started.

What does the player do?
The Layar Player can be compared with a video of YouTube which you can embed on a website. The Layar Player plays any of your layers you configure it to play. It shows the layer content in the newly designed Augmented Reality view, map view and list view. Through its authentication solution there will be a seamless handover to the player when personal data is being exposed.

What does it cost?
You can embed our player in your app and benefit from all the features, our platform has to offer now and in the future, for free.

How do I get it to work in my iPhone app?
The Layar Player will be a binary and one header file that you can embed in your own application by adding the project in Xcode. This project will open the AR view to your published layer without the need to have the Layar Reality Browser installed.

Unfortunately, you’re no longer able to register for this beta program.


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Popular AR content nearby now easy to discover with latest Layar release for iPhone

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald September 11, 2010

A challenge for users is to discover popular Augmented Reality content which is located around them. The latest iPhone release of the Layar Reality Browser solves this. From now on the Layar app starts with a list of nearby popular augmented spots. From this list users can select a spot they like and play the associated layer in Augmented Reality.

Other changes are a new navigation tab bar. The tab bar is used to quickly switch between Nearby, Layers, Search and Yours. Also we updated the search functionality. It now searches both spots and layers.

This latest version of the Layar Reality Browser is available now for download in the App store.

More Relevance
In the previous version users first needed to choose a specific layer, either from the featured or the popular list, before they could see content. This worked well with a limited amount of layers. The amount of layers has now grown to over 1.200, many of which are great local layers. In this new version users don’t need to choose a layer to see relevant and available AR content, the app right away opens with it.

Android users have had the nearby augmented reality search ability since June. The Android release has shown that users discover more local content and are no longer confronted with layers that don’t contain content around their location. Layer owners like brands, publishers and agencies now can be sure that their content will be shown when it is relevant: when the user is nearby.

How the new nearby screen works
On top is the “compass” with all spots plotted in a 360 degree view. This shows you exactly where all spots are located.

Each spot in the list has a category icon like Games, Fun or Food & Drink. Next to that, the title of the listed spot is shown as well as the layer title. Also the distance to the spot is displayed. On the right-side of each list item there is a “play” icon which opens the layer with the spot in focus. When a list item is tapped more information of the specific spot is shown.

Slide a spot to the left or to the right to see other options. A spot can be seen on the map, saved or you can select to hide content from this layer from your nearby view. This hide option comes in handy when for example during a concert you want to hide all tweets which most likely will fill up the list at that specific moment.

You can find your hidden layers in the your filter settings (top left corner). Other filters are amongst others a custom search range which can be enlarged when in a rural area.

The list is refreshed by pulling the complte list down. The list starts with 10 spots. More popular spots can be loaded by taping “load more items” at the bottom of the list.


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Meet Layar at Google Zeitgeist, Appnation, Where Summit and World Economic Forum

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald September 10, 2010

Meet up with the Layar co-founders in California or China next week, Sunday September 12th till Friday September 17th.

Raimo van de Klein will be at Google Zeitgeist on Sunday and Monday. Meet him there to see a kick-&^% demo. Tuesday Raimo will be in San Fransisco to lead a panel on Augmented Reality at Appnation. Wednesday he will be at the Where Location Business Summit in San Jose. Let him know if you want to meet up.

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald will be at the World Economic Forum “Summer Davos” event in Tianjin, China. Layar’s main Chinese developer, Anjuke, made a demo layer for him to use and you to see. Search for Anjuke in your Layar browser. Maarten will participate in several sessions, amongst others: Looking into the Future of Mixed Reality and Live from China, about online video. Let him know if you want to meet up.


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