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The easiest way to add Augmented Reality in your app.

maurice groenhart September 15, 2010

Sign me up, Scotty!As more people enhance their world through Augmented Reality, we are continuously looking for new ways to help developers easily offer this experience within their own apps. At this moment adding Augmented Reality in your own app is a real hassle. White label solutions are in most cases very costly. Free open tools don’t give you the features, support nor the desired experience you want. Until now. Enter the Layar Player.

We are introducing a simple line of code that can help developers easily build an augmented reality experience into their own iPhone app. The Layar Player simply plays your published layer right in your iPhone app. This solution is by far the easiest way to get augmented reality in your iPhone app.

To kick things off, we are supporting 10 developers with their ideas during our beta program. See below for details on how to enter and get started.

What does the player do?
The Layar Player can be compared with a video of YouTube which you can embed on a website. The Layar Player plays any of your layers you configure it to play. It shows the layer content in the newly designed Augmented Reality view, map view and list view. Through its authentication solution there will be a seamless handover to the player when personal data is being exposed.

What does it cost?
You can embed our player in your app and benefit from all the features, our platform has to offer now and in the future, for free.

How do I get it to work in my iPhone app?
The Layar Player will be a binary and one header file that you can embed in your own application by adding the project in Xcode. This project will open the AR view to your published layer without the need to have the Layar Reality Browser installed.

Unfortunately, you’re no longer able to register for this beta program.

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