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Layar’s Presentation at the WPP Stream event

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald October 4, 2010

I just got back from Stream, an unconference event hosted by Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP Group, and Yossi Vardi. It was a very inspiring event, great atmosphere and with marvelous people, all very eager to learn about Augmented Reality. I went to introduce the attending brand and agency people to Augmented Reality, Layar’s platform and the partner network. Also I wanted to hear what they need in order to use more Augmented Reality in their respective businesses.

Presentation with more use cases
Below is the presentation I used in the workshop about Augmented Reality. It was a good session. We discussed lots of new campaign and service ideas. Main feedback was the need for more use cases and examples. People at the agencies and brands want to have repeatable examples about what can be done with Layar’s Augmented Reality. In the presentation below there is a good set already. Feel free to download and use yourself. More can be found in the Layer of the week category of the blog.

Layar in the Gadgethon final
The Gadgethon is where participants share their favorite gadget on stage, real or fake… Its in the evening and lots of fun. Over 20 gadgets where presented, a small selection: the the Galaxy Tab, light emitting earplugs, 3d video camera’s (fake?) and many more cool gadgets.

I didn’t show the regular Layar but the demo of the Shooter we made to showcase sensor fusion. It got a bit ‘warm’ onstage when it took a minute to get the game going. That’s the challenge of live demo’s using 3G or wifi. The minute made it only better because it built up the tension. People liked it. The Layar R&D Shooter lost to the Funk Machine… rightly so (who doesn’t want a tuba synthesizer with flashing lights…).




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