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Maarten on Joe Pine’s Multiverse Framework

Chris Cameron May 3, 2011

If you follow our Twitter feed or if you like us on Facebook (and let’s face it, you should) you may have seen us share a link recently to a video of Joe Pine’s TEDxSanDiego talk.

Pine took the stage to talk about the Multiverse, a three-dimensional framework which provides a unique perspective on space. Pine was actually a key motivator on the vision of Layar’s co-founders Maarten, Raimo and Claire. Here’s what Maarten had to share about Pine’s influence.

Joe Pine was a speaker at Mobile Monday Amsterdam. Twice even. This is where we got to know him and his work. His Multiverse framework is the only theoretical framework that combines the all digital alternatives and combinations with the real world. His theory as well as his previous work on authenticity and the experience economy stand at the core of augmented reality.

Its about seeing everything (authenticity) and experiencing it – not just consuming it – in all dimensions (this is where the multiverse kicks in). His book will come out this fall describing the framework theory in detail.

The TEDx video is the latest and best explanation of the Multiverse – a bridge to describe what will come after what we know today, how we will experience things and how the world looks like after the box of Facebook, of Google and of the Web as a whole. In the next iteration, there is more; we are at a temporary junction today.

Augmented reality will be a big part of this future.

Have a look for yourself at Joe’s presentation.


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