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Fireside Chat with Vernor Vinge and Bruce Sterling

Chris Cameron June 8, 2011

As we begin to wrap up our series of videos from Augmented Reality Event 2011, it seems fitting to feature now the closing event of ARE. This year the conference was punctuated by a “fireside” chat (there was no flame in sight) with two science fiction authors whose work has had a profound impact on the augmented reality industry: Bruce Sterling and Vernor Vinge.

Vinge is the author of numerous science fiction novels including Rainbows End, and is a former professor of computer science and math at San Diego State University. His work and vision of the future has greatly influenced those developing augmented reality technology, including right here at Layar.

Bruce Sterling needs no further introduction to those familiar with Layar and this blog, but just in case, Bruce is a sci-fi/cyberpunk author who has similarly been highly influential in the direction the AR industry. He has come out to speak at several AR events and is currently teaching a Layar-sponsored summer session on AR design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

That said, any chance to hear one of these brilliant minds speak is certainly a privledge, let alone hearing them both at once. So here it is, our latest video from ARE 2011: Vernor Vinge and Bruce Sterling sitting down for a friendly chat to close out the event.


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