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ART June: Klaas Nienhuis of DPI Animation House

Chris Cameron June 15, 2011

On the first Thursday of each month, Layar hosts Augmented Reality Thursday (ART). The objective of this monthly event is to inspire and update people about the current field of augmented reality and the position of Layar within it. Next to that, we also like to connect developers, publishers, brands and (of course) our employees to exchange stories, visions and ideas about this burgeoning field of technology.

Last week at Layar HQ we held another installment of ART, featuring a presentation from Klaas Nienhuis of DPI Animation House. Klaas spoke for longer than our usual quick pitches at ART, but he had lots of interesting things to share, including details of the UAR layer and the use of 3D modeling in Layar.

Developers will definitely want to check Klaas’ talk out!


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