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Final Projects From Bruce Sterling’s AR Design Class

Adriane Goetz August 26, 2011

Throughout the summer, we’ve covered some of the highlights of Bruce Sterling’s Layar-sponsored AR design class at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

As all good things must come to an end, so has this class, but not without some impressive final student projects! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing videos of these projects as well as footage from last week’s class presentations with Layar strategist Gene Becker making a guest appearance to offer comments and feedback. You can read all of our posts about the AR Design class here.

This first video is for a concept called “enlitenar”, and it features students Ryan D’Orazi and Jennifer Rosetto (as well as a cameo from Bruce Sterling and his wife, author and filmmaker Jasmina Tešanović), who use Augmented Reality to cross over to the spiritual dimension.

In addition to this otherworldly concept video, the students created an enlitenar layer (currently still in testing) with Hoppala that uses audio and visual elements to facilitate a connection between physical reality and the invisible forces that influence everyday life.

If that sounds a bit heavy for you, we’ll leave it at this: if you’ve ever wanted to see Bruce Sterling perform an initiation ceremony dressed as a cyberpunk cult leader (goodness knows WE have), watch this video!

enlitenar: augmented spirituality reality from RYAN DORAZI on Vimeo.

ENLITENAR: Augmented Spiritual Reality Experience

Have you ever contemplated the existence of god? Or rather, have you ever truly pondered the existence of “invisible forces” that overlay and influence our every day reality? Well, you are not alone. For time immemorial, humanity has strived to have an intimate relationship with this alternate experiential reality.

As most of us are aware, this is a pivotal point in human evolution and technology. We can now access this world directly, through augmented reality. We are able to co-create within this realm. We can design in harmony with our divinity.

Introducing, enlitenar, the world’s first augmented spiritual reality experience. Drawing diverse esoteric knowledge from various religious practices and exercises, enlitenar offers connections, growth and enrichment. Utilizing visual, audial and other sensory augments, all who enter are immediately touched, physical but also metaphysically.

Binaural beats, biofeedback, mandalas, and sacred geometry contemplations are only a fraction of the elements encountered along your digitally enhanced path. Utilizing scientific brainwave entrainment with mystic wisdom, your desired state of consciousness is only a moment away.

We know the time has come to re-religion. Now is the time to update our software. Open source aggregate spiritual knowledge will allow humanity to expand the collective consciousness to new depths, rooted in common parallel spiritual systems, which all share the key concept of universal love. This is the guiding force of enlitenar.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive…and elitenar welcomes you with the embrace of universal love.

** Most importantly, we must emphasize that there is only so much we can say with words. True understanding, is gathered through experience and is in return unique to each individual.

You are welcome to email us at for further information.

Film Credits:

Ryan D’Orazi
Jennifer Rosetto
Bruce Sterling
Jasmina Tesanovik

Bruce Sterling, Guillame Wolf, Nick Hafermaas, Aaron Gladys, Art Center College of Design, Layar, Hoppala, Matt Cunningham, Steven Khoo, and all who helped make this dream a reality.

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