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We Have Extended the Creation Challenge Submission Deadline!

Adriane Goetz September 7, 2011

Big news for all you Creation Challenge participants! After we opened the Challenge for submissions recently, we had such a strong response from developers needing more time to build their Vision concepts that we have decided to extend the submission deadline until September 29!

This means you now have two more weeks to turn your Vision concept into a reality! It also means that if you haven’t entered the Challenge yet, you now have enough time to jump in and get crackin’ on your idea!

You’ll want to use this additional time wisely by taking in all the Layar Vision tips you can through our tutorials and sample code as well as the following new resources we’ve created to help you!

Don’t forget about the Introduction to Layar Vision webinar this Friday; it will be especially helpful for developers who are considering entering the Challenge!

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