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Layar Creation Challenge: Honorable Mention Concepts [VIDEO]

Adriane Goetz October 14, 2011

Now that the jury session is in full effect deciding which of the 15 finalists will get a piece of the $55,000 prize money, we’re taking this “downtime” opportunity to share a few of the Creation Challenge concepts that we thought were great, but came up just shy of the final 15.

These concepts may not have fit the Challenge criteria as well as some others, but we do believe they hold a lot of potential and hope the developers will continue to build and promote these awesome Layar Vision experiences!

Take at look at these three ”Honorable Mention” concepts for the Layar Creation Challenge.


Deployar, created by Anu Määttä, is actually three Layar experiences in one. 

Launched from QR codes that also serve as Layar Vision reference images, Deployar turns drink coasters into a musical number pad or a pick-up line distributer. 

DeployAR uses a laser stenciling machine for its third experience to create a “spraypaint jukebox” launched from a stencil that can be spraypainted anywhere. This video illustrates all three.


Developer Louis Foster had us rolling with laughter at the exceedingly entertaining one-man-show demo video for his GraffAR concept. 

Foster says that GraffAR “allows artists to quite easily ‘extend’ their art with QR codes and Augmented Reality, without the need to fully understand how it works.” 

He accomplished this by creating an easy-to-use CMS website so artists can easily and anonymously upload their images to be displayed over a QR code image using Layar Vision.

But enough with the talk, just watch Foster’s encounter with “future Foster” in this video.

Martians Say

Margit Kiewit created Martians Say to connect and share sustainable initiatives, projects, organizations, products and services.

The Martians represent “Green” advocates who are trying to save the Earth by uniting others who want to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place. 

The layer uses a combination of geo and Layar Vision to show people where all the “green” places on Earth are and let them share photos, videos, stories and ideas with others around the world. 

More information is available on the Martians Say website.

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