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KLM Uses Layar to Make Waiting For Your Flight Less Boring

Adriane Goetz October 27, 2011

Many world travelers can probably relate to the following scenario: You get to the airport two hours early (as is generally suggested) for your international flight, but end up spending most of that time sitting at the gate, twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the airplane to arrive (still beats being in line at the security check all that time, but still).

Naturally, your mobile phone gets a workout during this wait, but you can only update Facebook so many times before it loses its luster, and your friends already saw that you checked into gate C-16 and are “Sooooo excited to visit NYC!” 

Thanks to KLM and a group of creative developers and designers, you can now channel that excitement into a simple, fun AR trivia game that’s targeted to your travel destination.

The Ready For Boarding layer was created for KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), and based out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport. It keeps live data of Schiphol’s flight schedule, so you can choose the exact flight you’re taking and answer trivia questions about your destination that appear as 3D objects in AR.

Players receive points for the number of questions answered correctly in the allotted time, so try it yourself and see if you make it to the list of “High Scores”.

You can play the game from anywhere, but currently the flights are only aligned to Schiphol airport. Hopefully KLM will expand the Ready for Boarding layer to include other airport flight data soon!

The Ready For Boarding layer is a collaboration between developer Håvard Kindem from Norway’s Fallen Leaves Interactive, Yolande Kolstee and Wim Van Eck from the ARlab in Den Haag, Simon McCallum from Gjøvik University College in Norway, Klaas Lageveen from Werp in ‘s-Hertogenboch, and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk at The Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag.

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