Shop Directly from the New vtwonen Magalogue

Chris Cameron April 16, 2012

Click here to read the Dutch press release!

Layar has teamed up with popular Dutch home decor catalogue vtwonen to help change the way readers make purchases.

With the latest vtwonen “magalogue” (a combination magazine/catalogue), readers can scan the pages and instantly buy the items they like.

Items for sale in the pictures appear with a button to purchase the items when scanned with Layar. The links take readers directly to vtwonen’s mobile shopping site where they can instantly purchase the items and pay with PayPal. It’s also easy to just add items to a shopping cart and save them for later.

Anita Beijl, marketing manager for vtwonen, calls the Layar implementation the “ultimate print shopping experience,” and adds that Layar makes it easy to quickly expand the brand to new platforms.

Try it yourself on the vtwonen magalogue, available today, or simply test one of the pages after the jump. Check out the video below to see the magalogue in action! And for those that speak Dutch, be sure to watch our interview with Martijn van der Neut of vtwonen!

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